This option provides security around the booking process. YOu’ve already booked the best entertainment for you and your guests in the wedding, now you can be sure it’ll be there no matter what happens.

After The Ceremony


  • It’s important that the main wedding party get the right photos, however, the other guests may be left waiting.
  • A good magician will be able to seamlessly fill this gap with strolling magic.
  • A magician can take the stress out of any organisation by entertaining the guests, bringing people together while the bride and groom find that perfect photo.
  • Paul will entertain each group, encouraging other groups and people to merge in and join the fun. Paul will and amaze them with magic designed to break the ice and put your guests at ease.

The Wedding Breakfast

  • Paul will move from table to table giving your guests an incredible performance they will remember for years to come.
  • Working with your caterers and other staff, Paul ensures that any delays or pauses are covered by his world-class entertainment.
  • Paul uses napkins, ropes, cards, coins, watches, forks, glasses… in fact, anything he can find. There is something special about seeing magic happen that close and Paul has never been caught yet.

After The Wedding Breakfast

  • While the room is being changed from the wedding breakfast venue to the evening venue, your guests will want to relax and sit back. What better time to provide entertainment.
  • Paul will move from group to group providing unforgettable memories for you and your guests.


  • As evening guests arrive, Paul’s magic is the perfect way to help the new guests integrate with the group.
  • A shared experience like an amazing and impossible magic trick is a fantastic way of ensuring different groups mingel well.
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