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* Also available for Mr & Mr, Mrs & Mrs, Mr & Mrs & Mrs, etc.

Why Hire Paul As Your Wedding Magician?

Think back to the last few weddings you went to.

Do you remember the dress? The food? The flowers?

Most people don’t. So how do you make your wedding unforgettable for everyone?

No one ever forgets how a good wedding magician makes them feel.

Make your wedding unforgettable for your guests.

Hire A Wedding Magician

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It should be stress-free, so you can relax and enjoy it.

Let someone else worry about entertaining your guests.

A magician and host can help, by making memories for your family and guests while you take the time to make your own.

Here are some suggested and popular packages I can offer:

Creating unforgettable memories for you, your family, and your guests

Wedding Magician Options

After The Ceremony


  • It’s important that the main wedding party get the right photos, however, the other guests may be left waiting.
  • A good magician will be able to seamlessly fill this gap with strolling magic.
  • A magician can take the stress out of any organisation by entertaining the guests, bringing people together while the bride and groom find that perfect photo.
  • Paul will entertain each group, encouraging other groups and people to merge in and join the fun. Paul will and amaze them with magic designed to break the ice and put your guests at ease.

The Wedding Breakfast

  • Paul will move from table to table giving your guests an incredible performance they will remember for years to come.
  • Working with your caterers and other staff, Paul ensures that any delays or pauses are covered by his world-class entertainment.
  • Paul uses napkins, ropes, cards, coins, watches, forks, glasses… in fact, anything he can find. There is something special about seeing magic happen that close and Paul has never been caught yet.

After The Wedding Breakfast

  • While the room is being changed from the wedding breakfast venue to the evening venue, your guests will want to relax and sit back. What better time to provide entertainment.
  • Paul will move from group to group providing unforgettable memories for you and your guests.


  • As evening guests arrive, Paul’s magic is the perfect way to help the new guests integrate with the group.
  • A shared experience like an amazing and impossible magic trick is a fantastic way of ensuring different groups mingel well.

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How It Works

Paul doesn’t book by the hour, experience has taught us this isn’t a good option for either party. With the best of intentions, weddings rarely run to schedule and a more flexible approach to the booking has always helped.

Paul have years of theatrical and management training. This means he can also offer his services, at no additional charge, as a host or MC for your wedding celebration. A friendly but professional face to help organise guests and suppliers can take the stress away from the bride and groom – leaving them to enjoy the day as much as possible.

What You Get

You get his 100% commitment to make your wedding stress free for you and fun and memorable for your guests.

Meetings beforehand

Paul will schedule some Phone, Skype or even face to face meetings to discuss how he can support your wedding as much as possible. A good wedding magician can offer much more than just entertainment.


Paul is a professional wedding magician and that means he relies on his services as his only source of income. We are proud of our history of 5-star reviews and testimonials, we have worked hard for them, and we intend to work to receive one from you as well. Paul will always go that extra mile to make a difference.

A guarantee

We are so confident you will be thrilled with Paul’s services that if for any reason you are not happy with him because of his skills, and you tell him on the day – you don’t have to pay anything over the booking fee.

A magical gift on the day

Paul will perform a special trick, just for you, the Bride and Groom, leaving you with an impossible and magicial souviner as an extra special memory of the day.


Sharmee – “Stll thinking”

He was really good....some of the tricks we got shown were just amazing. Till today we are still thinking how he did it.

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Gary Mander, WindsorEveryone loved him and was certainly a great addition to my party

I found Paul to be a pure gentleman and genius in his magic and interaction with my guests.

Paul came across very personable, engaging and creating a great rapport with excellent magic tricks which literally made the back of my neck stand up! Everyone loved him and was certainly a great addition to my party. He is very reliable, turned up early and even stayed longer than booked to make sure we were all very happy.

I would recommend Paul to anyone looking for a quality and outstanding magician who will keep your party entertained. My boys loved him and we look forward to hiring Paul again! Great work Paul!

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Tilly Ingle – “Wizard”

He's definitely a wizard! By far the best magician I've seen !!!

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Diane & Barry Addison – “Great magician”

Paul is a great magician whose tricks and illusions make everyone smile and wonder how on earth he did them. His close up table magic is amazing and you can never work out how he can fool you right under your very nose, but he does it with great skill! He is able to make both adults and children feel at ease and entertained which we found at our recent Ruby Wedding Anniversary Celebration. All of our guests made very positive and nice comments about Paul's Magic skills, which was pleasing for us to hear. He added that extra special something to the event which for us as the hosts, was a big plus! Thank you Paul!

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Creating a Lasting and
Magical Relationship