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Wedding Magician Paul Longhurst

* Also available for Mr & Mr, Mrs & Mrs, Mr & Mrs & Mrs, etc.

Why Use A Wedding Magician?

Think back to the last few weddings you went to.

Do you remember the dress? The food? The flowers?

Most people don’t. So how do you make your wedding unforgettable for everyone?

No one ever forgets how a good wedding magician makes them feel.

Make your wedding unforgettable for your guests.

Hire A Wedding Magician

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It should be stress-free, so you can relax and enjoy it.

Let someone else worry about entertaining your guests.

A magician and host can help, by making memories for your family and guests while you take the time to make your own.

Here are some popular packages Paul can offer:

Creating unforgettable memories for you, your family, and your guests

Wedding Magician Options and Prices

There are two ways of booking Paul for a wedding, by the hour, or for each section of the wedding. Each has it’s own benefits so I’ll list them below.

Option 1- Book for a section of the wedding


– There is a guarantee that Paul will entertain your guests for the section of the wedding you want him to, no matter what happens.
– Added peace of mind for you and your guests.


– Slightly more expensive than booking by the hour as extra time has been included in case your event is running late. 


Experience has taught that wedding timings can be flexible and they rarely run to schedule. This is why this option is recommended. With this option, you have the confidence that your guests will be entertained no matter what happens. Less stress for you!


Usually, weddings have three main sections:

  • The Reception
  • The Breakfast
  • The Evening Guest Reception

Paul charges as below:

One section £550
Two consecutive sections £750
All three sections £950

Option 2 – Book By The Hour


– You can pick the start and end time and only pay for the time you need.


– other events will be booked around your times so Paul may have to leave precisely on time, so he can get to his next event.


Up to 2 Hours £450
2-3 Hours £550
3-4 Hours £650

Paul has years of theatrical and management training. This means he can also offer his services, at no additional charge, as a host or MC for your wedding celebration. A friendly but professional face to help organise guests and suppliers can take the stress away from the bride and groom – leaving them to enjoy the day as much as possible.

What You Get

You get Paul’s 100% commitment to make your wedding stress free for you and fun and memorable for your guests.

Meetings beforehand

Paul will schedule some Phone, Skype or even face to face meetings to discuss how he can support your wedding as much as possible. A good wedding magician can offer much more than just entertainment.


Paul is a professional wedding magician and that means he relies on his services as his only source of income. We are proud of our history of 5-star reviews and testimonials, we have worked hard for them, and we intend to work to receive one from you as well. Paul will always go that extra mile to make a difference.

A guarantee

We are so confident you will be thrilled with Paul’s services that if for any reason you are not happy with him because of his skills, and you tell him on the day – you don’t have to pay anything over the booking fee.

A magical gift on the day

Paul will perform a special trick, just for you, the Bride and Groom, leaving you with an impossible and magicial souviner as an extra special memory of the day.

Wedding Magician for hire.


Danielle Rooney – “Astounding”

Pauls magic was astounding and amazing it was great to hear the sound of rapturous applause breaking out from around the room and looking up to see it was coming from guests appreciating Pauls magic. EVERYBODY (150 guests!) loved him. He was a real asset to our day. And I was extremely impressed with Pauls magic and delivery. He is also a lovely person which is really important when interacting with your guests.

Angela Potter – “Amazing”

Paul is amazing, he fits into the crowd and makes everyone feel at ease. His magic tricks are amazing. All of my guests thought Paul contributed to making the wedding a day to remember always.

Kathryn and Nick – “Entertained brilliantly”

Absolutely amazing....still cant work out how he did it!!!!!! Paul kept our guests entertained brilliantly. Absolutely fantastic and we'd definitely look to book him again.

Rachel C – “Amazing reception”

Before our wedding I met with Paul to discuss what we were planning and what we wanted him to do, this was such a good touch and helped us relax as we now knew Paul and that he understood what we had imagined. Paul mingled with our wedding guests, keeping everyone entertained and astounded with his magic tricks. Also Paul helped with the flow of our reception by doing announcements. At the end, he presented us with a deck of cards which had been signed by our guests which was a lovely memento. Thanks Paul, you added a lot to making our reception amazing.

Creating a Lasting and
Magical Relationship

If your enquiry is regarding children's magic, please go to www.magicpaul.co.uk

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