I ask every customer for feedback and place them, unedited on here. I am proud of my unbroken 5-star record, as you can see below.

Paul Longhurst, MagicianWebsite Reviews
5 Stars - Based on 49 Customer Reviews, as seen below
Paul Longhurst, MagicianWebsite Reviews
5 Stars - Based on 49 Customer Reviews, as seen below
Neil Sadler – “Impactive”

Very impactive at my 60th birthday party....got everyone involved...even the most sceptical !
Coming in costume really made people wonder what was going on...especially as I had told no one he was coming: the look on some people's faces !!
Thanks Paul.

Siobhan Isbell – “What a talent”

Watching Paul's magic tricks was mind blowing, I've never really believed in magic before but it's hard to dispute it when it's right in front of you. What a talent !

Jayne Kelly – “Fantastic”

Fantastic !! All our guests were asking "where did you find him??".He was entertaining, funny and most of all the magic was brilliant - can't praise him enough. Our party was for my daughters 18 - but had a mix of teenagers and family alike - and everyone and I mean everyone thought he was brilliant.

Ian – “Spellbinding”

Paul provides excellent entertainment. His magic is spellbinding and you will experience things you thought were impossible.He has a great manner too, with jokes and warmth so that everybody feels included and at ease, whatever their age.

ken haines – “Clever and very capable”

Clever and very capable performer

Shane Landers – “Satan!”


Diane & Barry Addison – “Great magician”

Paul is a great magician whose tricks and illusions make everyone smile and wonder how on earth he did them. His close up table magic is amazing and you can never work out how he can fool you right under your very nose, but he does it with great skill! He is able to make both adults and children feel at ease and entertained which we found at our recent Ruby Wedding Anniversary Celebration. All of our guests made very positive and nice comments about Paul's Magic skills, which was pleasing for us to hear. He added that extra special something to the event which for us as the hosts, was a big plus! Thank you Paul!

eBay – Jake Conneely – amazing tricks

Paul performed at our UK office team-day and truly wowed our employees. He was utterly charming, demonstrated some amazing tricks and proved a great addition to our evening

Waitrose – “Thoroughly entertaining”

Paul's approach is very personable, he gets his audience involved and part of the tricks. Overall very clever and thoroughly entertaining..I just wish I could work how he does it! The 'simple' elastic band tricks were great!

Sarah Dodd – “Wowing everyone”

Paul adapted his close up magic very easily for both adults and children - my little girl, Eva, was mesmerised, as was I! He was very friendly and made everyone smile - he clearly enjoyed wowing everyone!