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Frequently Asked Questions

I am often asked the following questions. If you have a question that isn’t shown below, then please contact me.

What services do you offer?

I am most often booked to perform walkabout magic (sometimes called mix and mingle magic), or table magic. I also have some different stage acts which I perform in cabarets and comedy nights.

Companies ask me to entertain clients, drive their business messages and attract customers.

Individuals or couples book me to provide entertainment at weddings, parties and other social events.

Over the years, I have been asked to do everything from perform magic for a proposal of marriage, host a game show for a private party to host a Royal event for Her Majesty the Queen. If you have a special request, I’d love to help.

What do you do for your close up magic?

Close-up magic is about bringing people together. I create the impossible, in your own hands or at your own table. I use rubber bands, keys, sponge balls, forks, coins and of course playing cards – in fact anything I find lying around!

There is nothing better for me than hearing the gasps and laughter only magic can bring.

And your stage show?

I have two acts, Comedy and Mind Magic and each can last either 30 minutes and 45 minutes. My shows are inclusive (using volunteers, some onstage and some from their seats), fun and baffling, demonstrating mind reading techniques, influencing skills and some good old-fashioned sleight of hand.

I can supply everything I need, including set, costume, amplification, mics and a backdrop. I’m also used to working alongside DJs etc. sharing equipment as necessary.

Tell me about you as a host/emcee.

From large and small events to weddings, dance shows to Old Tyme Music Halls, I have been hosting and emceeing for as long as I can remember. My many years of experience means I can be flexible and calm in emergencies and professional and smooth in delivery.

Do you always wear the character clothes?

No, I wear anything from a tuxedo to smart/casual depending on the requirements of the occasion. I can perform everything I do in t-shirt and shorts or even naked if needed (although that particular request doesn’t come up too often!)

Please do get in contact to request a no-obligation quote.

Are you a member of the Magic Circle?

I am really proud to be a full member of the Magic Circle.

How much do you charge?

It is difficult to give a definitive cost here as prices do vary depending on the different requirements of each occasion.

My prices are reasonable and my quotes are inclusive of all costs, including travel expenses, vat etc.

Please do get in contact to request a no obligation quote.

What area do you cover?

I live in Northampton, in the UK. I’m used to travelling all around the UK to events but may have to charge extra to cover travel costs and possibly accommodation.

Can you create something special and bespoke for me?

This is one of my favourite things to do. I actually work as a magic consultant to the theatre industry and coming up with new, special moments is something I enjoy very much.

Whether it’s adding a magical spark to a wedding proposal, or creating a personalised birthday surprise, please get in contact to discuss options. Please don’t stop at what is possible, it’s best to think of possibilities.

Are you insured?

Yes. I am fully insured for with Public Liability Insurance as a full Equity member.

How do I find out more?

I’m glad you asked! Please do get in contact to request a no-obligation quote. I’m always pleased to help and all advice is free.

If your enquiry is regarding children's magic, please go to www.magicpaul.co.uk

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