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wedding6Why have a Wedding Magician?

With over twenty years experience as an entertainer / performer Paul's main strength is his versatility. This can come in handy for weddings, where brides and grooms have spent many many months or even years planning for just one day, and that day has to be right.

A magician at a wedding can be used for many purposes:

        1. Bringing people together. What better way to bring separate groups together than to gove them all an incredible talking point! 
        2. Filling the gaps. No matter how well planned, every wedding can have a blank spot where some guests are waiting for the next part to start. A magician can help keep anything from one to hundreds of people entertained for anything from 1 minute to hours. Only someone with Paul's experience can bring this versatility to any event.
        3. Creating something special. Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be special and remembered for years by everyine who came. What better way than to bring magic to the proceedings. Your guests will ALWAYS remember a magician reading their mind, or finding their card in their own pocket.

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